Why Writers MUST Write for themselves

None of the writers that I know ‘fell’ into writing. It’s not a job you generally stumble into to pay the bills, or because your Dad has a friend who has a sister who can get you a job. Most writers start off as writers quite simply because they love writing. They love the feeling of pouring your thoughts onto a blank piece of paper to make something substantial, something that can elicit emotion and inspire ideas. Why then as a busy freelance writer is it easy to fall into a ‘writing is a chore’ mind-set?

I guess like anything that pays the bills there can become an element of the ‘must’ about your writing and anything that becomes a ‘must’ can feel like a drag. Certainly on a rainy Wednesday afternoon with three deadlines hanging over you and an article about ‘the best ways to care for your pet chinchilla’ staring out from your screen writing can start to feel like an odd form of torture.

That’s why I think that as busy as you are, as tired as you are as thoroughly irritated with the sound of your fingers tapping over the keys as you are, you must, must, must carve out time to write for yourself. Write about what you love, write in a style you love, publish it online or don’t but make sure you do it. Writers are by their nature creatives, but for many writers who need to pay their rent they won’t always have the luxury of writing what they enjoy. By taking just a few minutes a day to write a little of what you love you can keep the creative fires burning.

For me that might mean a few scribblings before bed time or the first few pages of a novel that I probably won’t ever finish.  If you love to write, WRITE and occasionally do it selfishly and only for you.

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