Fashion and 30 – Dressing for Myself

I am now 30. There’s no denying it, I asked my mum and everything. So with a heavy heart I have to accept the inevitable. I am now a grown up. Yup, it’s all tax returns and early nights from here on in. But the most burning question, the most pressing matter is what the hell do I wear?
The rules that defined our dressing were more concrete in previous generations. There were clothes for children, clothes for wives, clothes for the rich, the poor, those in mourning and those at work. The rules, thank all the gods, have changed and dressing is a more fluid expression of ourselves. But with that fluidity comes choice. So after years of chasing trends, of dressing for boys, or following the crowd what do I want 30 dressing to look like?

After some serious wardrobe deliberation, I have come to a decision. There are three key rules that I want to follow when it comes to 30’s dressing.

1) I want to dress for myself

How often do we think first of how other people will see our outfit before we properly look at it ourselves? Ok, it looks great through an Instagram filter but do you actually like it? Learning to be confident in our own opinions is part of being a proper grown up. I want to be secure in choosing thing I like which means doing away with the ‘must have’ seasonal buys and embracing the quirky vintage belt I love and those ancient gap jeans that fit like a glove. If I’m not sure it’s a no, if it’s a maybe, it’s a no. Clothes that I love will rule the day.

2) I want to be comfortable

I toyed with making this number 1. In fact, I toyed with just putting this at the top in bold and striking out the rest. The number of silly dresses I have squeezed into spanx clad and unable to sit, eat or drink in is embarrassing. Clothing shouldn’t be a feat of endurance. Campaigns were fought not only to free women from their traditional roles but also from their traditional clothes. So why then are we re-corsetting ourselves by choice? The same argument applies to ridiculous shoes which is why I can comfortably say I won’t be wearing a stiletto heal ever again.

3) I want it to fun

This rule kills the ‘You can’t wear that at your age argument’ stone dead. You wouldn’t know it from looking at some po-faced fashionistas on the front row but it’s meant to be fun. Fashion should be a bit silly which is why I love fashion bloggers and icons who don’t take things to seriously. Some days I want to wear my sweatshirt with a giant pineapple on it, it makes me smile and frankly that’s all that matters. If I want to wear a crop top I bloody well will and so should you.

So there you have it, my personal fashion commandments for all to see. Will I stick to them religiously? Probably not. But will I try to make my thirties about marching to my fashion beat? Absolutely.

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