Autumn Fashion – The Big Three

There are leaves on the ground. Bona Fide leaves. I’m calling Autumn and Autumn means new season fashions and a whole lot of loveliness. So stuff your summer dresses and trusty gladiators under the bed and let’s talk about fashion for cool dark nights and soggy commutes. Scouring the shops and fashion websites as I do for my (ahem) job there are lots of autumnal goodies calling my name. But there are three pieces that I feel (quite irrationally) that I can’t live without. My Autumn BIG THREE if you will. Check out my new season favourites below.


Leopard Print Pumps

I’ve always had a soft spot for a good bit of leopard print, faux of course, I also like leopards. There is something so undeniably Hollywood about animal print that it always injects a spot of decadence to an outfit. And who doesn’t need more decadence? This season sees the long awaited return of serious amounts of leopard to the catwalks in literally all shapes, ways and forms. Wear it head to toe for full Cruella De Ville or as a fashion highlighter to add interest and texture. But following a quite unnatural affinity with a pair of beloved leopard print ballet pumps as a student I am hankering for some leopard flats. My favourite comfy but cool brand for shoes is Clarks and there ‘Chilly Milly’ pumps are top of the list for Autumn errands.


Metallic Skirts

For me fashion is at its best when it’s at its most ridiculous. And really what could be more ridiculous than a skirt that seems to have been constructed from tinfoil? I want to contrast with a chunky jumper and biker boots for a bit of back from the future punk. My boyfriend will hate it but that is on occasion the sign of a fashion hit. There are of course designer options for a zillion pounds however I am loving Zara’s fifty quid version here. This is more than likely a one season wonder, but who cares when it is this gorgeous!


Military Jackets

Military flavoured outerwear is having a fashion moment and there is nothing better for adding a little masculine cool to your outfit. I’m particularly loving the oversized camo field jackets that seem to be having a 90’s inspired comeback. Just that bit cooler than your go to denim or bomber styles but still incredibly practical. I may even throw on a choker for real grunge sensibility. ASOS are sporting an easy to wear vintage selection of camouflage jackets from Milk It Vintage at the moment that are definitely worth a look

What are your favourite looks for Autumn? Ring the new season changes with a whole lot of fashion fun this autumn.



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