About Me

My name is Sam Troman-Mason, I am a freelance writer and copywriter living and working in the lovely suburb of Chorlton in South Manchester.

I can generally be found reading, writing or eating chocolate digestives, each activity to a greater or lesser extent depending on the success of the day. I’m very lucky to do a job that I love in a wonderful place.

I live with my son and husband  and when I’m not scribbling I’m almost certainly thinking about vintage dresses or watching cheesy murder mystery shows.

After studying literature and journalism at university I worked for a large corporation. After a few years pouring my writing skills into only reports and presentations I had a stern word with myself and returned to my roots as a writer.

I’m passionate about creating a unique voice for every brand I work with and for me, this is where great writing springs from. I want to know about your business, what makes it stand out from the crowd and how can we shout about it?

Each client, each brand, each article is a new puzzle waiting to be solved and arranged into neatly typed rows of copy. I love this challenge and can’t wait to work with you on your next project.

Feel free to have a nosy at my blog where I write about life, fashion, writing and anything else that takes my fancy.

Get in touch to bounce your ideas around, find out more about me or engage me on your next writing project.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.